Prosperete has played a proactive role helping pipeline companies to grow beyond their original market to other EMs by providing access to networks, relationships, capital from partner funds and local financial institutions. Other EMs face similar changes of limited affordability and low access to climate solutions. Such expansion enables technology transfer as well as enables access to low-cost solutions which are green and ensure inclusive growth

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Our Approach

Supporting companies that harness the power of technology as an enabler to accelerate green growth in emerging markets

* - Estimates of impact based on projected portfolio

11 mn tons of CO2 mitigation

impact over fund life*


10 mn lives touched

through the fund*



Solar is one of the few examples of climate technologies which scaled and became the go-to solution for energy generation and increased access to energy through distributed solar. Such global scaling and higher affordability need to be replicated and expanded to other technologies, such as electric vehicles, energy storage, clean hydrogen, new building materials, sustainable agriculture and overall efficiency in use of resources.

Unless solutions across these climate technologies are scaled rapidly and made affordable, the triple objectives of increasing growth, reducing emissions for EMs, and improving resilience for livelihoods cannot be achieved.

An International Energy Agency (IEA) study corroborates the need for climate tech, estimating that approximately 75% emissions reduction by 2050 is expected to come from technologies not yet mature, with 41% reduction from technologies currently under early adoption.