Themes of Interest

Prosperete will invest across both mitigation and adaptation solutions, and has identified four thematic verticals across the landscape of low-carbon technologies

Urban Environment and Data Systems

Prosperete’s investments will target the development of sustainable urban infrastructure and climate information and emissions monitoring systems. By promoting low-carbon building materials and renewable energy solutions, the aim is to reduce GHG emissions, enhance urban resilience, and improve disaster preparedness, thus contributing to a sustainable future amidst increasing urbanization and climate risks

Food and Water Security

Prosperete aims to invest in agriculture and food security by promoting sustainable farming techniques and low-carbon foods, aiming to increase productivity while reducing carbon intensity. Prosperete also plans to address water security by investing in energy-efficient water systems and solutions that improve waste-water treatment, aiming to enhance adaptive capacity and overall food and water security amidst looming challenges and growing global demand

Low Emissions Transport

Prosperete seeks to invest in companies operating within the rapidly evolving mobility and logistics sectors which are witnessing significant transformations driven by innovative electric vehicle battery models and AI technologies

Energy Transition

Prosperete will focus on investing in energy access and power generation, aiming to overcome barriers like unreliable energy sources and financing issues for clean energy adoption. In energy access this would include Distributed Energy Resource Systems (DERS) and modernization of grids to increase renewable energy adoption

Thriving Enterprises, Thriving Ecosystems

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